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I wasn’t surprised to find my dad sleeping on the couch again. It’s been almost five days that he and Mom have been fighting and there didn’t appear to be an end to it.

"Dad," I whispered, "are you awake?"

"Hey son," he replied. "Yeah, I can’t get any rest down here. What’s up?" The two of us talked long into the night, he told me his side of things and admitted that he still loved my mother. He was just lonely. "You’re mom just isn’t as sexually active as she used to be. I’ve been toying with the idea of fucking around with this chick from the office who’s always coming on to me."

"You won’t have to do that Dad," I said. What happened next was for the good of my parents’ marriage!


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I had never thought about having sex with another man until I caught my son Trent together with his boyfriend. Watching the two going at it in such an animalistic manner lit something inside of me. After about a week of trying to maintain some semblance of self control I couldn’t take it anymore. My son and I found ourself fucking in the living room late one night after my wife and our other children had gone to bed.


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